After hearing from several customers that they'd love to see pizza on the menu, we've been working on perfecting our pizza purees and they will be available to order very soon!

Our team at Blossom Foods LOVES getting feedback from customers. Your comments and suggestions help us provide enjoyment at meal time, and help us create an even greater variety of menu items.

So, thank you for your input. No matter how you slice it, our customers are awesome and a huge pizza what we do here at Blossom Foods.

Okay, enough pizza puns...


Choice & Dignity in Dining

Blossom Foods offers soft-textured foods for people with swallowing disorders... this is NOT baby food! Whether you are a Health Care provider on the lookout for IDDSI and NDD compliant solutions or individual consumers hoping to find soft-textured meals that actually taste good, think: Blossom Foods!