About Us

About Us

Our inability to find good tasting, easy to prepare puree, ground or chopped meals for those with dysphagia (swallowing disorders) inspired the creation of Blossom Foods in 2006.

Spanning a career of almost 20 years as a Speech Pathologist, Sue Adams questioned the stigma of pureed food and why there was a lack of color, taste, and consistency, let alone choices. There had to be Pureed texture that was as colorful and nutritious as the foods it came from.
Also, Sue knew that educating the patient/consumer and their families, caregivers about the puree meal was crucial to the success and enjoyment at mealtime.

Sue believes everyone deserves great options at meal time, regardless of texture. She knows that dignity with each meal and independence are extremely important to those with dysphagia… meals that are prepared correctly and taste great, are easy to heat at home or on the go, and will allow the consumer to continue and enjoy their active life. It is also our goal to make some aspect of the caregiver’s day a bit easier. From freezer to heating, preparing the puree meal should be effortless yet thoughtful. Pureed meals do not have to mean baby food or mush. Pureed foods should, and are, smooth and delicious.

Sue also has personal experience with puree diets. A father-in-law with Alzheimer’s (on Puree the last 7 months of his life) and stepfather with Parkinson’s, Sue and Blossom Foods have been able to make an important component of the care giving a bit easier.

Building a team that works as hard as she does, Sue has created a puree, ground and chopped menu that is both familiar and flavorful.

“We are grateful to be welcomed in the most respected healthcare facilities as well as the sanctuary of home.” Blossom Foods continues the same principles in meal preparation and care as it did in the beginning. Our promise to you.